Why candles are essential to home design!

Home design has always been critical to us. 2020 and lockdowns brought us even more reason to consider our home spaces and ways to make them multi-functional. Working from home has caused us to consider our spaces and ways we can carve out room for us to relax and unwind.  

Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge, let us enlighten you as to why we recommend candles and why having a candle centrepiece can transform your room into a place of interior bliss.

There are many ways to place a candle. You can place them on tables, flat surfaces or if you’re feeling creative, hanging them. You're probably thinking, surely a hanging candle is a fire hazard – not if you’ve got the right holder! There are various candle stands available, horizontal or vertically laid out as you need them.

Please make sure you’re investing in a sturdy and safe stand; we don’t want you having to Google “how to remove candle wax out of carpet” anytime soon!

Your space does not have to be big to accommodate candles, that’s the beauty of them. They are small and often inexpensive. Here at Penta Scents we supply the most luxury candles at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Check out our range of designer fragrances, that will ensure your room fragrance is one to be envied.

Candles are mobile when it comes to design. You don’t have to keep the same setup for long. It’s an effortless addition that can move as often or as little as you need it. The only disappointment will be how long it takes you to get another, once the candle melts!

Use the ambience of a candle light in the evening to transport you a completely different mood. Take a lovely hot bath and place a few candles around the tub and instantly you feel like you’re at a Spa.

Another suggestion is a classic, use them as a centrepiece for dinning. Nothing brings people together more than eating around the dinner table. Missing the feeling of treating yourself to your favourite restaurant then allow the experience to come to you. Allow for one our designer fragrances at Penta Scents to whisk you away from the everyday setting of your home, to a place of luxury and calmness.

The natural light of candles has been used for many years as a way of lighting areas that are devoid of natural lights, often giving way to rustic feelings. This is key, especially if you are a city dweller wishing to escape the confinements that come with the built up, hustle and bustle of the lifestyle.

Candles play their role, even when not lit. Just the visual of one placed delicately within a space radiates serene and calmness.

We dare you to look around and think about your space.  Where would one of our luxury scented candles make a difference? Where would you like to place that little bit of luxury? Head over to our website and let us know!

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